'The Fruit Hunters' Documentary Explores World Of Rare Fruit Obsessives, Including Bill Pullman

For some people, grabbing a piece of fruit means popping out to the market for an apple or orange. For others, it involves plane rides to the ends of the Earth, hacking with a machete through dense underbrush and seeking out increasingly odd and interesting fruits.

A new documentary from director Yung Chang called "The Fruit Hunters" explores the world of these obsessive rare fruit seekers, which though unsurprisingly few in number, include Hollywood actor Bill Pullman. The trailer is full of barefooted fruit enthusiasts scaling mango trees and spreads of other exotic fruits, which Pullman says are often displayed "the way your drug dealer will sit you down at the table" to show off narcotics.

There's also a shot of Pullman sniffing something or other that made us giggle.

The Fruit Hunters hits screens in Montreal on November 23 and Toronto, but we hope this gets a U.S. release sometime soon.

Watch the trailer for "The Fruit Hunters" below.

[h/t Grub Street]



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