The Fruits of WristStrong: Colbert Cast Sells For $17,200

For all the hoopla surrounding Stephen Colbert's "WristStrong" campaign and the ensuing controversy (should news anchors participate in impromptu comedy show initiatives outside the ambit of their professional activities in the name of a charitable cause or should they limit themselves only to Serious Newsgathering Activities so people with little or no senses of humor can feel confident that the facts they get from the telly are being validated by an appropriate amount of gravitas? Ask an anti-journalist!), let's not forget that the ultimate beneficiary of the WristStrong campaign is the Yellow Ribbon Fund. At the end of the day, proceeds from the sale of WristStrong bracelets are only part of the fundraising initiative — the real reason Colbert stopped by to see Brian Williams and Katie Couric (and Bill O'Reilly and Tony Snow and Nancy Pelosi) was to get them to sign his cast, so he could auction it off on eBay in the name of strong wrists and support for wounded U.S. soldiers returning from overseas. That auction ended last night with a winning bid of $17,200.00, thanks to the generosity of high bidder johncdmiller, a mysterious figure who signed up on September 1st and, according to NoFactZone, nipped in with the winning bid with 4 seconds to deadline. Drama! Miller has has no eBay history (which means no feedback - sacre bleu!) but bidders had to be pre-approved so it appears that he won it fair and square, over 106 other bids (see bidding history here). He also seems to prefer Ashley over Mary-Kate Olsen. Who is he? We must know! We've emailed Miller 2007-09-03-cast2wrist.jpg for comment and will let you know what we hear — we're on this story like red on wrist and are available for all your quoting needs. In the meantime, here's a close-up of the famous cast, complete with signatures by Williams and Couric (including corresponding drawings of the NBC peacock and the CBS eye, respectively), plus Tony Snow's John Hancock for good measure. Not pictured but also present: the $17,200-scrawls of Tim Russert and Michael Bloomberg. Not pictured and not present: The highly-rated scrawl of Charlie Gibson. Also included in Miller's WristStrong booty: A bracelet! What a steal!

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