The Frustrating Thing That Happens When Women Order Beer Around Men

Beer isn't only for dudes. Because duh.

PSA: Ladies drink beer, too. 

A new video created by beer-lover blog "Let's Grab A Beer" reveals a sexist misconception that beer is just for guys. The video shows multiple duos of women and men in bars via footage from a hidden camera. The woman always orders a beer and the guy orders a martini or wine, but when the bartender or waiter returns with the drinks they always give the man the beer. 

“What happened in the bar is what happens every time we go to a bar," one man in the video said. "He always puts the martini in front of her, and he always puts the beer in front of me."

Women drink beer, too, people.

So, please, stop being so subtly sexist that it seeps into our drink orders. 

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