The Full Acceptance Of Nature

Nature rests comfortably in complete non-judgment of all that is. The mountain never tells the rose that she isn't good enough, nor does the rose tell the river that she is somehow incomplete. It is only us humans who categorize and marginalize other humans. Nature places no labels on anything in the Universe, she simply accepts all that is without the need to change anything or anyone.


Nature is our teacher. Nature is our guide. When we look to nature we see harmony and tranquility. When we witness nature we see acceptance. The tree doesn't judge the wind as "bad" nor does a bird curse the rain for wetting the feathers of her wings; they honor each for their temporary arrival knowing full well that both the rain and the wind will pass and while here they both served a very important purpose.

We as people temporarily weave in and out of the lives of others with the committed purpose of experiencing humanity together. This is co-creation. This is love and love is and always will be our spiritual essence.