The Funniest Cats Of 2009 (VIDEOS)

The Funniest Cats Of 2009 (VIDEOS)

2009: The year of the cat. Oh, who are we kidding? Every year's the year of the cat (at least since the internet gave birth to the crowd pleasing "funny cat video"). But since the year's coming to a close, we thought we'd compile a list of our favorites. Here's hoping there are just as many cute cats in 2010.

1) Surprised Cat:

2) Cat On Roomba

3) Dumpling Loving Fat Cat

4) Kitten Gets Owned By Pillow

5) The Famous Maru Jumps In A Box

6) Indifferent Cat Says "Meh" To Everything

7) This Cat Needs Some Privacy

8) MacGyver Cat

9) Laid Back Cat

10) Face-Palming Cat

11) A-Hole Cat

12) Fat Cat Plays With Bunnies

13) Chopsticks Cat

14) Kitty Couch

15) Shower Cat

And to play us out...

16) Keyboard Cat

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