The Funniest Gay Segments On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Does anybody do funnier segments on gay issues than Jon Stewart of the Daily Show? (Okay, Colbert, MAYBE). Stewart's wacky on-point segments like Gay Watch are bacon bits of comedy genius.

When my team decided to get a list together of the funniest clips that have aired on the Daily Show in 2013 we were hoping that Comedy Central's Site would have done the work for us. Yeah, right. The closest we could do is put the word "gay" in their search box and hope for the best.

We tabulated the search results to come up with a list of funniest segments. And by funny, of course, we mean most popular. Click here to see the complete list Of the funniest gay videos on the Daily Show. Below you'll find five of the most popular videos:
Six already

Rank #10 Corey Booker presides over the New Jersey gay marriage celebrations

Rank #9 Liz Cheney throws her sister Mary under the bus.

Rank #8 Why moderate Republicans must remain silent about their political orientation.

Rank #7 France's anti-gay protests look gayer than America's pro - gay protests.

Rank #6 NBA veteran Jason Collins admits he's gay.

See the full list of funniest gay videos on The Daily Show including the #1 video whose audience dwarfs the rest of the list.

Michael Alvear is the founder of Gay Dating Success.