The Funniest Pop Culture Jack-O-Lanterns Ever (PHOTOS)

The Funniest Pop Culture Jack-O-Lanterns Ever (PHOTOS)

Every year, Halloween gives Americans the chance to show off their creativity and their knowledge of pop culture. Costumes, parties, and yes, jack-o-lanterns allow you to tell everyone not just how much you love Halloween, but that you know exactly what was popular/funny/scary/ridiculous in the last year or two. Gone are the days when a few simple triangles were good enough -- no, today, it's about carving Internet memes, 'Star Wars' references, and Biebers or Snookis into your pumpkins. Here are some of the most creative pop-culture jack-o-lantern carvings we could find. Vote for your favorite, and share the awesome ones you find with us by uploading them below!

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