The Funniest #PerryHistory Tweets: Twitter Responds To Rick Perry Gaffe After GOP Debate

Sometimes, it's just too easy.

After tonight's Washington Post/Bloomberg GOP debate, Rick Perry misspoke when talking to the press at Dartmouth College about his anti-federalism views by emphasizing that "...the reason we fought the revolution in the 16th century was to get away from that kind of onerous crown."

Of course, he was only a little bit off -- by two centuries. Even the most basic student of American history knows that the revolution was fought in the 1700s, or in the 18th century. Then again, Perry hasn't seemed too fond of American history in the past.

And thus was born the Twitter hashtag #PerryHistory (apparently by David Roberts). In the words of The Atlantic's Garance Franke-Ruta, "The hashtag for the implosion of the Perry campaign is #perryhistory," a nod to both the governor's gaffe as well as his lackluster performance at the debate.

Here are some of our favorite #PerryHistory tweets since the debate. Send us your own Perry-style bungling of history at @HuffPostComedy!