The Future Bank Values Mindfulness

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Mindful Banking

As humans have different understanding of enjoyment, they also have different ways of releasing stress. During a conversation with the CEO of a private bank in Zurich in the summer of 2013, I was surprised that he liked the idea of a painting room in a bank’s office. He found that it was a good idea to offer his employees the option of painting to relieve stress. In most of my assignments for banks, I have to use instrumental music to avoid the creation of frustrations and negative stress. I was told that I am more happy than sad and most of the time I am more optimistic than pessimistic and I think that it is a decision that we have to make and stick to it. I know a saying that goes; who does not enjoy will become unenjoyably.

I think that the future organizations will offer “stress releasing room” in each of their buildings so that employees can go there to relieve stress. The room could be described like an escape place, where talking is forbidden. It is empty with an expert who demonstrates small relaxing movements and lets you do it. On the other corner, there is a canvas to paint on an unfinished painting that many colleagues have already worked on, and instrumental music... I think that in the future large organizations will provide entertaining and stress relieving practices, in a simple room like this, but there will also be more sophisticated ones, potentially with a virtual teacher who instructs how to practice yoga, move or breath...

According to Amy Cuddy (Your body language shapes who you are, Amy Cuddy, TED Global, June 2012), a professor at Harvard University, we can reduce the level of stress by only changing poses. The “stress-relieving room” could also represent Amy Cuddy’s poses virtually to help you to do the same and relive stress. According to Amy Cuddy, you can change the chemistry in your body and reduce stress with how you sit or stand. She says that if we stand, talk and sit like a person with high confidence; we will already reduce the level of cortisone even if it is fake and we actually do not feel confident. By changing our pose to a power pose, we will already feel powerful...

Source: Banks of the Future, by Ella Thuiner; Published by Springer, © 2015

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