The Future of Education

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

John Dewey, Educator

I found the above quote on the web site of KUATO STUDIOS. I learned about this dynamic video game/education company when I first met Mark Horneff the Managing Director of Kuato. The more we talked, the more I needed to know.

One of the people Mark said I had to meet was David Miller, Kuato's Director of Learning. Together they came up with a twist on education for the 21st century that will make everyone re-think the role video games can play in a most positive way when it comes to preparing our children for the future.

Some of their most popular games include: Dino Tales and Code Warriors, and Code Warriors teaches children how to code and is offered free at KUATO STUDIOS.

From a early age both my sons were very into playing video games. Like most parents, my first thought was I better steer them into something else. Both boys were doing great in school, so that was not the issue, but it seemed at the time that the media and every person you met had deep concerns about children spending too much time in front of a screen.

After a number of positive experiences I personally witnessed, and discussions with my sons, I realized I had nothing to worry about. Both spent hours with friends, were socially well adjusted, had a love for reading and deep passions and interests.

Playing a game is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.

Bernard Suits, Psychologist

Now, grown men, they excel in their chosen professions. One is a talented film maker who also designed this web site and edits every blog I write, along with helping me on all levels of production and business.

My other son is an educator with a master's degree in educational technology. He currently teaches teachers how to improve their skills by using technology in the classroom. In fact, he uses gaming strategies to help students and teachers achieve at a higher level. Plus, he married a most talented woman. My lovely daughter-in-law is also into gaming, and has her doctorate in education and works in the educational technology field.

Where others focus on building games based on curriculum and knowledge-based content, we turn entertaining games into opportunities to learn - we call it 'Learnification'

Mark Horneff & David Miller

So, when I continued having discussions with Mark and David of KUATO STUDIOS I realized I needed to share their insights with all my viewers. Watch below or CLICK HERE to see the entire conversation with Mark and David about a 21st century tool for education.