The Future of Marketing 4: How Can Transportation Business Tell Engaging Stories?

Boring businesses do not exist, but the boring ways to tell stories do. To support this statement, we will look closely the industry which may not be considered interesting in the first place: transportation.

One of the reasons why customers choose some business over the other one is that the desirable businesses anticipate their needs properly. The customer journey map is one of the frameworks that will help you understand how customers interact with your business; what they have been thinking about your company from the start and what your areas for improvement are.

The website Think with Google lists three key metrics that you can adjust and see immediately how the journey for your customers can get a boost.

Let's have a look at this example: Explore how marketing channels for _____________ (large/medium/small) businesses in _____________ (name of the industry) in _____________ (name of the country) influence the purchase decision.

The results you get from this search emphasize the important moments in the life or journey of your clients when you simply have to be present, approachable and helpful.

When I think about the coolest customer journey map, I recall 2013 West Jet commercial. All the passengers on the flight to Calgary were asked in Toronto and Hamilton what they want for Christmas. As the plane was in the air, 175 incredibly organized volunteers found the exact gifts from Best Buy and CrossIron Mills. Once the passengers landed, the miracle gifts waited for them. The raving praise flooded social media and West Jet nailed this Christmas story with over 45 million views on You Tube.

Profitable Venture has listed 50 profitable transportation business ideas, so it is a perfect place to choose an idea, get going with it and test is as soon as possible.

Due to decreasing costs, the opportunity to compare and match prices online, and globalization in many industries people, goods and services travel now more frequent than ever before in the history.

For instance, the billion dollar real estate and construction engineering industry transforms landscapes and how business is done both in developed and emerging economies. In such instances, when deadlines are short and terrains may be quite challenging, Isuzu NPR engines, especially Isuzu 4HE1, 4HK1 and 4BD2 offer the excellent value proposition. For those who understand the industry inside out, the brand new or rebuilt engines for Isuzu NPR, NQR and GMC W3500, W4500, W5500 trucks have new cylinder head, cylinder block, crankshaft, valves, valve guide, valve stem seals, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft main and rodbearings, the liner set with new pistons, and Full Gasket set.

Build Con is another exquisite example of startup leaders in transportation because their analytics should indicate whether resources on construction sites are used properly and that it is recorded accurately who issued the order and who is in charge of the execution of specific activities. In early 2016 this start-up got backing from two investment funds Seedcamp and 500 Startups in order to continue building their building project management solution.

Along with Build Con, Truck Track originates from Serbia and it also got backing from major accelerators. Their business and iOS app enables more efficient management in one of the largest industries world-wide, thanks to which almost any object we have used so far has been transported. Truck Track enables following of truck vehicles in real-time, recommending the improvements in the management of truck companies, as well as assessing documents on the road. Their success continues to inspire many players in the region of South-Eastern Europe who are trying to enter global markets, thus showing that companies get successful when they implement their vision on a daily basis and continue to invest in their know-how.

And finally, here is a travel nomad business idea for truck owners and foodies. How about buying an affordable taco truck in Mexico for USD 9000 instead of USD 24000 on Craigslist? You can even swap your old car for the vehicle you will buy and start a new career along the beaches of Cancun.

With all those examples in mind, it becomes obvious that transformation industry will continue to shift. Let us then end this article with the Serbian saying, ''If you still think your train has passed by (meaning you are too old to do something), there are ships and planes to try out.'' And I dare say, there are also trucks to go places.