The Future of Parenting

The Future of Parenting
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One of the most profound and far-reaching ways we can evolve, love our kids and transform our future is by bringing consciousness to our parenting.

This is how we create the future we yearn for, envision, work and pray for: child by child.

In the following talk I bring together a psychological, developmental understanding of childhood with a spiritual perspective – encouraging us to view and interact with children as both a maturing person, and as a soul. I offer 3 key practices to put this integral perspective into action, in daily life with your child:

From: What Next conference, Integral Life

If you would like to explore and practice this wholesome approach to parenting, please join me and a wonderful group of families from around the world in my upcoming 8-week online course Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, starting Oct. 23, 2017

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