The Future: Poignant and fraught with opportunity for the Democratic Party

This poignant moment is revolutionary for Democratic politics, if we only step back from the dramas unfolding. It is the story of the valiant fight by the first woman to hold the highest office in this country. And moreover, this is the time for the first African-American candidate to compete with this woman for the highest office and responsibilities. Instead of reveling in this mysterious and marvelous convergence of events, we Democrats are allowing the daytime soap operas to play out across the screens of global television. We are allowing political reporters to wallow in this muck, rather then the miraculous opportunities before us.

Instead of seeing the poignancy of the woman's husband fighting to protect her honor, he is demonized and condemned every time he trips, leading with his heart rather than the brilliance of his mind. And then there's the Reverend Wright polemic for the African-American candidate which unfortunately will not go away, regardless of the candidate's renunciation of his long time religious and spiritual mentor. Poignant and terribly unfortunate this event is fodder for the Republican attack machines against this candidate.

Yet somehow all of this must be put aside as we reach beyond and step out of the muck, and dramas which are a very real distraction for winning this election, November 2008. Repeat this often when getting sucked back into the daytime soaps that have become American political television reporting.

We could win this race. It is much bigger than this woman and this man. If all of this is put aside, we will be able to hear and listen to the whispers (that are not so quiet) in the wind. The American people are crying out for change and teamwork, and there is chance for hope. Democratic politicians stop stepping on your own feet and stumbling. Stop the attacks on the woman once and for all. It is humiliating to hear and watch.

Revolutionary actions should, and must be taken. Swords must be put down, teamwork must ensue and the spring of discontent buried. It is the darkness before the glorious sunrise, and a time in which these two magnificent candidates must find a way to win this election letting go of all the drama and words, placing one foot in front of other. What is at stake is not just one four year term, but four consecutive terms. It is our future and let it not go asunder because of ego, racism or misogyny.

Listen to the winds of change, and let this be the true revolutionary moment in which this country again reaches for prosperity and world leadership. Stop the soap operas. Stop the playground bullies. Stop the demonization. Stop the attacks. That is for daytime television, not the leaders of the free world. We have a chance to reach for it now. Reach up and take it. This is revolutionary moment in time!