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The Game Changing Siesta4 Heat Reflective Tent: A Music Festival Must

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While music festivals exist on a plane of pure pleasure, there are still a fair share of challenges that every festival attendee must face. Long walks, endless dancing, hot days, and sleepless nights, though all part of the adventure, can take a toll on one's festival experience. Two huge components, eating well and getting rest, can be easily overlooked but are crucial in truly getting the most out of these week-long camping events. While there are those impervious human beings who have the ability to party all day and all night while solely subsisting on a diet of protein bars, beer and water, most of us need to nurture our bodies during these excursions.

Lack of sleep can seriously dampen one's experience, on any type of camping trip, as a well rested body supports an energized mind and spirit. Especially for family festival-goers who exert triple the amount of energy, not enough sleep could be detrimental for the kids and parents alike. Music festivals are catered to the counter-culture which means there is more emphasis on nighttime activities than daytime. Since the height of festival season is during summer, it is nearly impossible to get rest by the time the almighty sun rises as tent temperatures soar and can often exceed the external temperature.

Being completely immersed in the festival community, I am perpetually searching for innovative ways to improve my experience. As I grow older and double the amount of festivals I attend each year, I have finally started to realize the importance of self-care and preparation. Created by festival goers and outdoor lovers, the Siesta4 by Outback Logic is reinventing how tents are designed. Its goal is to provide the best possible sleep while camping, even in desert-like conditions. Designed for maintaining a comfortable temperature in extreme cold and hot, the Siesta4 is a game changer, especially for the festival community.

Fabric comparison using Thermal Camera

This night-owl approved shelter is actually two parts: an interior tent and an ultra-reflective, waterproof fly cover. Made from a lightweight and durable fabric, the fly is the key to ultimate tent coolness. Gleaming like a shiny disco ball, it reflects infrared, visible and ultraviolet light which also keeps its interior darker. I wouldn't mind having a parasol made out of this material, or an entire outfit for that matter! Another unique aspect of this four-person tent is the addition of a built in, USB fan that pulls the cool air from in between the interior tent and the fly, keeping a constant circulation of fresh air.

Outback Logic LLC is an American company founded by Gareth Price of Sydney, Sally Slarke of San Francisco and Brandon Beck of London. The original idea was conceived by Price during a blistering hot music festival that took place in the Australian outback. All of his experiences camping in hot climates led to this ultimate light bulb moment where he realized the potential of creating a heat-reflective tent. Festival-goers and camping-addicts all over the world are praising Price's creation and anxiously awaiting for this concept to come to fruition.

The Siesta4 has 15 days left of its Kickstarter campaign and has already reached well over its $100,000 goal. Outback Logic is a collection of brilliant, like-minded individuals who have spent the last year pouring every last drop of their passion into this project. They are not just creating an amazing product but they are also a testament to the power of vision. Thinkers have ideas but visionaries turn them into a reality. Next time you have a brilliant idea while roasting in the desert at a music festival, don't just be another thinker, be a visionary.