The Garden Girl (VIDEO): What Do You Get With Kitchen Scraps And A Worm Bin?

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, and her daughter Al, the Garden Kid, are probably the only people who could still be endearing as they weed through worm poop. The mother-daughter team have been composting their junk for the past year in a worm bin, planning to use the nutrient-rich soil on their indoor plants, Moreno explained:

"In here for about the last year or so, we've just been putting in newspaper, kitchen scraps, junk mail, just anything that we cut from any of the indoor plants. Now we're gonna do the big reveal. And I thought what we could do is we would scrape away the worm castings so we could use it in our indoor garden."

Ever the curious kid, Al asks what many of us are wondering: "What's a worm casting?"

"Basically, it's worm poop," Moreno replies. That explains the nutrients.

Moreno invites Gigi, possibly the cutest grandma ever, to take a look at their worm bin. Gigi appears skeptical, and her facial expressions when she learns they're dealing with worm poop are priceless.

CRINGE along with Gigi as you learn how to make your own nutrient-rich soil:

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