The Garden of Gratitude

When your world is spinning...
Fast and furious off its axis
Parts and pieces flying all around...
Unsettled and stirring in the fury
Of perhaps a storm hit hard unknowingly.

When your earth's breaking apart...
Crumbling into parts and pieces
Scattering thoughts swirling with the dirt
As though gravity has lost its pull
You become unbound
Un-tethered to your truths.

Dig your heels in the ground

Tend to the garden...
Of Gratitude.

There's fertile soil there
To plant the seeds of strength
Where perspective blooms
And fortitude blossoms.

Where restoration and transformation give way
To affirmation.

Your world may be turning
Recklessly and Restlessly
But solid ground is found
When you dig your heels in the ground


And tend to the garden...
Of Gratitude.

There are hidden treasures lying there
Beneath the spoils and toils of trouble.
Dig deeper to anchor your weight in...
You'll discover their power
And unearth the jewels of joy.

Let the richness soothe your mind
Taste the sweetness of its pleasure.
Hold on tight. Grasp the light
Beyond the whirling winds.

Plant your peace...

In the budding ground
Underneath your feet.

And as your world spins...

Bask in the bouquet from your garden~

Of Gratitude.

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