The Garden of the Gods Collection Is Seriously Heaven on Earth

If “Italy is the dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life,” the Garden of the Gods Collection may just be the dream that sticks around for good. After all, it’s just over an hour away for all you lucky Denver folks…

When you open the flyer of its new Colorado Springs destination healthcare and wellness center, it proclaims hallmarks of “Life in Balance” and “A New Paradigm for Wellness.” Pearly white smiles and breathtaking mountain views bring you in as you instinctively convince yourself that it’s one of those places that must be too good to be true.

But, after experiencing it firsthand at the grand opening this past June – and for far too short a time, I might add – the truth is, even the stock photography and quintessential nature shots don’t do it the justice it deserves.

The place is simply... perfect.

And I haven’t even showed you the view yet...

As if by perfect happenstance, I arrived at the mesa-perched luxury resort just as the golden sun was setting over a stunning view of the National Natural Landmark of which it shares the same name. It’s only fitting that this backdrop of towering sandstone formations once served as a Native American crossroads, where numerous nomadic tribes laid down their weapons and gathered in peace. The Garden of the Gods was considered “sacred ground,” and, still to this day, you can feel it in the mountain air.

In the early 20th century, following the Gold Rush, Colorado Springs and its high altitude, nearly year-round sunshine and dry air attracted those specifically afflicted with tuberculosis. Not long after that, the city became one of the ultimate wellness tourism destinations; and today, through the opening of its new Spa and International Health and Wellness Center (IHWC), the Garden of the Gods Collection is keeping that tradition alive.

On the morning of the grand opening, which happened to be Global Wellness Day and the 66th anniversary of the private club and resort, traditions of all kinds were honored – beginning with a special American Indian Blessing by a member of the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Nation and the Hunkpapa tribe. He spoke of the beauty of Mother Earth and the importance of honoring her in every part of who we are.

After a traditional war dance, we were introduced to the Center’s team of doctors and clinicians.

“Not everyone needs a prescription,” said Doctor Michael Barber, the IHWC’s Medical Director. “Sometimes our bodies can take care of themselves.”

Enter the mission behind it all: to “empower clients to take a proactive approach to their own healthcare, obtain optimal health and approach their lives at their fullest potential.” The unique delivery model of these integrated treatments is one of its kind. And I’m not just talking about the aromatherapy massage and Himalayan salt chamber…

This room is comprised of 5,000 year old Himalayan salt from India, proven to help combat daily exposure to positive ions, st
This room is comprised of 5,000 year old Himalayan salt from India, proven to help combat daily exposure to positive ions, stress, high blood pressure, and more.
I think it’s working...
I think it’s working...

The 30,000-square-foot building is comprised of a medical center, spa, and event center for fitness, cooking demonstrations, lectures and more. As for the resort itself, it encompasses 56 guest rooms, an infinity pool, 27-hole championship golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a variety of seriously delicious dining options. It’s no wonder this little slice of heaven has served as an exclusive retreat for the Hollywood elite, captains of industry, and political and literary luminaries, including icons like Walt Disney and John Wayne.

“Today, we are very proud,” said Managing Director, Laura Neumann, “to build upon the unique history of Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods Collection, and mark the resort’s evolution into a health and wellness destination.”

So, whether it’s to empower your health from the inside out, indulge yourself in some well-earned and luxurious bliss, or simply slow down and escape from life’s inherent daily chaos, the Garden of the Gods Collection and all it has to offer should go at the tip top of your bucket list.

And just for good measure, I’ll leave this right here to help with your decision...

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