The Gay Dilemma of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has invited gospel music "superstar" Donnie McClurkin to perform with him this weekend in South Carolina because he needs the votes of black religious folks in that state. Donnie McClurkin claims homosexuality is a choice and if you come to him (and presumably tap your feet three times) he will help you get over (and under) this sin.

McClurkin says he was gay for 20 years but he has cured himself. Sure. Of course, no one in their right mind believes him. But the problem is religious people are not in their right mind. So, what is a politician to do?

You can't turn your back on religious voters, there are too many of them. And you can't accept their ridiculous assertions. So, politicians like Obama get caught between a rock and a hard place. There is no good answer until this country grows up and stops believing in fairy tales.

You think McClurkin is the only one in South Carolina who believes homosexuality is a sin and should be cured? Are you kidding? An overwhelming majority of the people in South Carolina believe that. And how about the people Obama is trying to appeal to in this case - Southern, black, religious folks? What do we think, about 95% of them believe that?

You know why they believe that? Because it's in the Bible. They're right. I'm not being facetious. It's right in the Bible. A man shall not lie with another man. It is an abomination to God.

Now, of course, what most people won't tell you because they are scared to death of being un-PC about this is that the Bible is full of shit. It also says you can sell people off to slavery, as long as they are not Israelites. Eating shrimp is also an abomination to God (God is one finicky dude). There are dozens of offenses that get you stoned to death in the Bible including cursing at your parents, mixing the wrong types of cloths or plants ... and adultery.

Oh yeah, adultery. How come no one is going on a national campaign to pass a constitutional amendment against that? Oh, that's right, a lot of straight Americans do that, so they would like to ignore that part of the Bible.

Look, I know the right-wing abuses the Bible for their own seedy purposes. They selectively quote the Bible and leave out whole chunks of it, including the many positive verses about helping the poor and your fellow man. They emphasize the things that divide us and are full of hate. That being said, read the Bible, it's not a pretty book.

It is full of outrages, injustices, violence, mayhem and pure utter nonsensical crap. Now, which politician can say that? None. So, what is Barack Obama supposed to do? Tell religious people to go fig off or sing along with a clueless gay guy who is pretending to be straight?

I don't know. If he wants to win, he can't ignore the religious constituency. If he wants to be a decent human being, he can't go along with people who are ignorant and hurt others by arguing in favor of discrimination. My personal answer is - don't become a politician. My global answer is - get beyond this ridiculous voodoo we call organized religion.

But for the moment being, it's hard to blame Obama for trying to toe the line, putting everyone on the same stage (including a gay pastor he has conveniently found now), pretending to be a uniter and hoping for the best. The bottom line is this isn't Obama's problem, it's the country's problem.