The Gay Marriage Debate: A Christian Sinner's Insight

Let's be honest, we have all heard about the debate on gay marriage ad nauseum. We've heard from everyone under the sun about why it's right and why it's wrong. My perspective on the situation is somewhat different than the average American and although it may ruffle a few feathers, I don't care.

Having been a professional courtesan and an adult entertainer for over twenty years, my opinion comes from a place of honesty and experience. I have not only known many wonderful people who lived as openly gay, I was also in a lesbian relationship myself several years ago. My former line of work took me to some interesting places and extremely uncommon situations. To say I lived an alternative lifestyle for over twenty years would be a heavy understatement. I guess you could say nothing surprises me anymore. I've seen it all and done most of it twice.

These days however, I am monogamous and happily married to a wonderful man. I am also a certified sexual health educator, a professional motivational speaker and even a Christian ministry student. Quite the mixed bag of diversity, I know the importance of getting every viewpoint possible before coming to a conclusionary decision on any particular issue - political, moral or otherwise. With that said, let me be the first to say that gay marriage is simply not a black and white issue. It is multi-faceted. Those who have spoken out, specifically Christians, to say they either support or don't support gay marriage - you need to pay attention.

The fact is that yes - the Bible does say that it is wrong for two people of the same sex to be together. However, it also says that it's wrong to take the Lord's name in vain. The Bible is very clear on what is sin is and what sin isn't. It is also clear that there are no levels of sin. If someone commits murder, engages in sex outside of marriage or even lashes out in anger - it is all the same. Sin is sin. The Bible clearly states that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead for our sin. He asks for very little in return. He has asked us to be Born Again. Once we have become Born Again, we are "covered by the blood" as it states. We are washed clean in his eyes. It is pretty cut and dry without religion to jumble it up.

It may surprise many Christians to hear me say that I was a Born Again Christian the entirety of my 20 year career as a prostitute and adult entertainer. I was a Born Again Christian the entire time I was advocating for legalized brothels. The fact is that Jesus still loved me throughout my entire life of sin. He held my hand the entire time, guiding me through until I found my place in his kingdom, not in this world. Those in same sex relationships are no different. They are still precious in his eyes.

It takes love, tolerance and acceptance for people to find their path. It is certainly not our place to judge anyone because of who they have sex with any more than it is our place to judge someone for any other decision they make. If a gay couple were to sit down next to me in church holding hands, I would just be glad they were there to hear a good word. I would open my arms to welcome them just as I would anyone else. Married or not, it is none of my business. I have yet to see any picketing going on about a man and woman living together before marriage- and that is sin, isn't it?

I curse like a sailor. I can admit it. That is something I am working on. My potty mouth doesn't make me any less of a Christian. It doesn't make me any less of a worthwhile person. Just as any man or woman who marries a person of the same sex isn't any less of a person either. So, why do you care if we allow gay marriage in this country? Promiscuity, drinking and immodest dress are clearly sinful and certainly more harmful to our country than gay marriage will ever be. But no one is outside the courthouse taking a stance on those issues.

To the sanctimonious Christians so ready to condemn others, I urge you to take a look at your own lives. We have bigger issues at play than to uphold the sanctity of marriage under our country's laws. Don't we have other things more important to fight against or for? Teach tolerance, not hatred. Let the world have their laws and let God have his.

People are not perfect and Jesus never expected us to be. He expects us to seek his guidance, worship with all of our hearts and love one another. That is the foundation of Christianity. Those Christians out there that condemn the gay population of America - wake up. Stop condemning them and try to hear their heats. If they aren't saved - help them get saved. Love them as people, not people with labels. Prioritize. Do not judge others simply because they sin differently than you do.