The Genius Of 'Broad City': At Last, A Comedy That Speaks To My World

Finally, A TV Series For Women Sans Self-Loathing

“Are you watching Broad City?” At least three different friends asked me this question before I decided that maybe I should check it out. By then the Comedy Central show, the brainchild of comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, was already five episodes deep. It chronicles the exploits of two friends, also named Abbi and Ilana, who merely tolerate their minimum wage jobs, annoying roommates and mediocre sexual partners, but revel in their friendship.

I quickly realized why so many friends wanted to talk about the show with me. Ilana and Abbi are our people. They are truly casual about sex, not simply feigning detachment in the name of empowerment. They are feminists who call each other “dude”. They have so many inside jokes that listening to them can be like trying to decipher a code. They wear a combination of “flea market vintage, American Apparel, H&M.” They smoke so much weed. But for all of their immature hedonism, they manage to come off as not entirely selfish. As BuzzFeed put it: “Misery loves BFFs”. They are more obsessed with each other than they are with men.

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