The Geography of Justin Bieber Fever in North America

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When deciding where to live, there's no shortage of considerations, particularly when it comes to the musical tastes of your neighbors. Before moving, ask yourself whether you want to live among throngs of fellow Justin Bieber fans, or whether you'd prefer a state devoid of Beliebers.

Whether you see Bieber as a modern musical menace or an adorable man-child, the fine people at
have determined which U.S. states and Canadian provinces have the most/least Bieber Fever by measuring the percentage of Facebook users who list the Canadian pop star as an interest. Here are some key findings...
  1. Washington state is by far the safest place to wait out the Bieber epidemic. Not only does the Evergreen State have the lowest percentage of Bieber fans (6.82 percent), but it's also home to Tenino High School, which once blasted Justin Bieber over the loud speakers between classes until students raised $500 for orphans in Ghana.
  2. West Virginia is in the grips of full-blown Bieber Fever, with a U.S. record 9.41 percent admitting they like the pop star. Rhode Island (9.33 percent), Wisconsin (9.33 percent) and Alabama (9.23 percent) are all Beliebers as well.
  3. The safest states to avoid members of #TeamBieber are in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and Northeast. Great states largely devoid of Bieber fandom are Oregon, Vermont, and Virginia.
  4. With the exception of British Columbia, Canada's enthusiasm for their own little locally-produced Prince of Pop is incredibly high, particularly in the more remote and isolated provinces and territories. Non-Beliebers shoud consider starting a campaign to pressure iTunes to donate free downloads of non-Bieber music to residents in Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Results for all U.S. states ranked from most Bieber fans to least

Results for all Canadian provinces and territories ranked from most Bieber fans to least