The Gift Guide for Small Business Owners You Can't Live Without

If you're racking your brain to find a gift for a fellow small business owner -- or looking for gifts to put on your own list to Santa -- here's a great place to start. Here, I share my annual Holiday Gift Guide for small business owners.  

1. HP OfficeJet 4650
HP Officejet 4650 is ideal for small business owners who mainly work from a home office. This wireless All-in-One printer features easy printing from most computers, smartphones and tablets. HP has also rolled out its instant ink program, which can save you up to 50% on ink and make sure that you never run out. There are different plans; for example, a 300-page plan is only $9.99 a month, so your ink won't break your budget and your won't run out of ink when your trying to get a critical document out the door. Best part of all, the cost of the printer is just $99.99.

2. First Data Clover Mini
If you're looking for a payment system that stands up to your small business needs, the Clover Mini is small, powerful and sleek payment system for your small business. You can take all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV chip, standard credit and debit cards to virtual payments, without additional equipment or software. The functionality and design of this tablet system allows you to track sales, implement a loyalty program, and free up counter space in your retail store. It also has the ability to scale up to full point-of-sale (POS) functionality. You can customize your experience with specialized apps from the Clover App Market.

3. Battery Back-up Systems from APC by Schneider Electric
Losing power to your office or your phone on the run is no fun. APC by Schneider Electric has a suite of three products to make sure to keep you connected and powered at all times. The Back-UPS Pro BR1500G is designed to provide abundant battery backup power to PCs, TVs, POS equipment and all other external hardware, enabling continued productivity and safety for your devices during a power interruption. The Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML backs up and protects your network, including routers and VOIP phones, powering connectivity for hours after a power disruption and keeping you online and on task even when the power is out. As a bonus, the BGE50ML comes equipped with a removable mobile power pack. Simply eject from the device and carry with you for portable power throughout the day. The best thing is that extra power packs are included, so that you can keep one protecting your network and another on you at all times. All of these products are between $79.99 and $239.99.

4. Microsoft Surface Book
If you're in the market for a new laptop, the Microsoft Surface Book all-in-one tablet and laptop is ideal. Its touch screen technology is the perfect solution for on-the-go small business owners. If you are looking for a machine that gives you more options and a touch screen, or can't decide between a tablet or a laptop, the Surface Book is well worth considering. The design is more solid than most of the hybrids. There is a premium in the price, starting at about $1,499, but the components, design and construction, and flexibility for many user modes help justify the cost.

5. Local Search Ads from
Search Engine Marketing is a breeze with ypSearchfrom Local businesses can run custom online and mobile campaigns based on their specific business goals and budgets. ypSearch  turns local searches into leads by promoting businesses across the many devices and platforms that consumers use to find businesses, including Google, YP, Yahoo! and Bing. With 24/7 online and mobile reporting access, campaign monitoring and optimization from a team of YP professionals, ypSearch is the way to get discovered. And investment of $300.00 a month can make a big difference in your business.

6. Nextiva Office Pro Plus
Nextiva Office Pro Plus keeps you connected to your business from anywhere with its unified phone solution. It's an all-inclusive hosted VoIP service, that enables your business to increase revenue, minimize management headaches, and improve your customer experience. Nextiva provides standard hosted VoIP functions, plus fully integrated enhanced services. Setup and configuration are easily managed through the NextOS web portal. The plan starts at $22.95 a month.

7. Norton Small Business
Protect up to up to 5 devices with cyber protection that Fortune 500 companies use: Norton Small Business. The software provides the same security trusted by major companies to your small business devices. The software allows you to protect data across devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It's an easy cloud-based setup and device management system and they provide 24x7 tech support. The best part is they offer a 100% guarantee. They'll keep your devices virus-free or they'll give you a refund.

8. Staples Gift Card
I love it when people give me Staples gift cards as a holiday gift, so I can run out to a local store or quickly jump online and place an order at You can also use a gift card in the Staples Copy and Print Center. So kick off the New Year with new business cards and marketing materials. Their new low prices on (banners, engineer prints and more) will help you make more happen in your business in 2016.

9. Picture Collage from 
Rather than letting those smartphone pictures just rot in your phone, do something with them. has this amazing product that allows you to create a montage of your favorite pictures on removable wallpaper that you can post on your wall without any adhesive.  So now you can get more happiness from your photos. You can get 20% off your first order, and for under $100 plus shipping, you can create a lasting memory. And they offer 100% money back guarantee, if you don't love it.

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