The Gift of Imagination


At the end of the movie The Sphere they say: "We are given the greatest gift in the world, the gift of imagination." Imagination is an extremely powerful ability of mankind. Take a few moments to think about the following:

Vision plus thinking equals imagination.

As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

Consider this: everything is created three times. First in thought, then in belief and finally in manifestation. Look around you, pick an object like a chair or even a building. Before it was created, it existed first as an idea or a thought, in someone's imagination. Then that person believed the object could be created. And lastly the object was created, or made manifest. This is a truly potent demonstration of the power of thought.

Now, we all might be familiar with these ideas, but how do we apply this to our lives? How do we harness this power for ourselves?

In my newest program "Transformation U", I speak about the six steps to transform any area of your life. One of those areas is thought. Take a look at where any man is in his life and you will see the dominating thoughts of his mind. For better or worse, our lives are the outcome of what we believe. That can be an overwhelming concept. However, the good news is that by changing what we think, we can change the course of our lives.

Here are three strategies to unlock your creative genius and the vast power that lies within your imagination.

1) Spend quiet time in deep thought on a regular basis. This is a great time to try the pencil tapping exercise to facilitate your thinking process. Sit at a desk or table, and tap a pencil while you think. When a thought comes to mind, jot it down without judging it, then return to thinking. Continue jotting down your thoughts as they occur. Once you have a few good ideas written down, look them over and consider what you'd like to do with them next.

2) Carry a 5-by-7 index card with this question written on it: "What is the best thing I can do to dramatically impact my _________ today". For the blank, write in the area of your life that you want to focus on, for example, finances, spiritual growth, career, relationships. Every so often, pull out the card and read the question to yourself. Your mind will try to answer this question as you go throughout the day. Be sure to jot down ideas as they occur to you.

3) Allow yourself to dream, to think of life not as it is, but as you want it to be. Use the power of your mind to envision the best possible outcomes, the things you long most to see happen. You will be drawn to the dominating thoughts of your mind. So dream and dare to dream big dreams.

As was said at the beginning, "We are given the greatest gift in the world, the gift of imagination" What will you do with it? Now close your eyes, and imagine that absolutely anything is possible. How do you imagine your life to be? What steps will you take today to fulfill your dreams?