The Gift YOU Are...


Sooner or later every one of us breathes an atom that has been breathed by anyone you can think of who has lived before us--Michelangelo or George Washington or Moses. ~ Jacob Bronowski

"One day, many many years ago, great contributors to humankind such as Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, and Socrates as well as spiritual masters such as Jesus, Buddha, and Saint Francis stood and gazed up at the same moon at which we often gaze. I wonder what thoughts ran through their minds regarding their purpose here, their time here, and their connection with the universe. As you take your next breath, imagine that you are sharing sacred space with those people who came before you and made a difference. In so many ways, they contributed to who you are and what you have today.

Now, imagine that you are breathing the same atoms that those individuals breathed. Feel their presence and personalize the gifts they brought to humanity. Finally, realize that you too shall pass those atoms on to some other person who will live thousands of years from now. There is even more you shall add: Imagine the gifts you have yet to bring to humanity. Imagine those people two thousand years from now, imagining you. What is the gift you will give to them? When we live each moment in an awareness that we are--right here and now--adding something to the universal whole, we will be more mindful of our thoughts, deeds, and actions."

~ Excerpt from, The Art of Being - 101 Ways to Practice Purpose In Your Life

Life an amazing trip we are taking together!

Peace, Dennis