'The Giver' Featurette Comes With New Black-And-White Footage, Wisdom From Lois Lowry

See New Footage From 'The Giver'

The first trailer for "The Giver" left some questioning how faithful the movie will be to certain aspects of Lois Lowry's beloved 1993 novel. Fans especially raised eyebrows at the movie not being in black and white, seeing as the concept of color has been washed out in the book's supposed utopian society. Now, a new featurette clears up some of these concerns.

Frankly, the fresh footage looks a lot less like "Divergent" and therefore a lot more promising than the trailer. But it's confusing because some of the same clips that appeared in color in the trailer are now presented in black and white. Perhaps the Weinstein Company didn't want to disenchant unsuspecting young-adult moviegoers with stodgy black and white? Either way, we hope "The Giver" looks a lot more like this. (Come for the new footage, stay for an appearance by wise Mama Lowry herself.) "The Giver" opens Aug. 15.

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