The Glamorous Life of a Top Rated Author

We get asked (Full Disclosure: no one asks us this except our children) what it is like to be Top Rated, Best Selling, wildly popular authors. It is, as you likely think, very glamorous. We are always jetting off to writing conferences to network with the best of the best writers and bloggers. We always keep it classy for the paparazzi by wearing our best 80s fashion.


At times we decide to extend our stay in exotic locations (Full Disclosure: we typically get bumped from our flights) just to soak up the culture. Here is a picture of Natalie taking a moment to relax after one such trip.

From time to time our administrative team has a few special requests. We are always excited to collaborate with this cutting edge team and assist by fulfilling their demands requests such as

"Make my cheese into a dinosaur"

and "I want eggs for breakfast"

Our staff (Full Disclosure: we do this ourselves) takes great care of our homes and vehicles. Look at this lovely member of our staff doing her work with pride. Doesn't she just beam!

The great thing about having staff to take care of our homes and do all those things that we just don't have time for is this leaves us rested, energized and full of fresh ideas for our day jobs. Here is Celeste really thinking hard about that next deadline.
2015-12-23-1450900255-6262190-working.JPG you can see we like to joke. While we are certainly proud of our books we all have busy families, work outside the home and write and publish books in our spare time (insert maniacal laughter here). We do not live luxurious lives but are all happy, healthy and have solid roofs over our heads. We are real and relatable and in this business to help keep family life funny. We wish you all the best in the new year!

A version of this was originally published on the It's Really 10 Months blog.

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