The Glass Ceiling We Create

Tired businesswoman with head in hands looking away
Tired businesswoman with head in hands looking away


We're often the creators of our own glass ceiling. The sky's the limit until our fears get the best of us--then BANG we crack our heads on that glass ceiling.

We can see the sky but we can't get up there because the fear of how others perceive us is holding us and our business down. We fear rejection taking it to heart, worrying about our credibility, whether we will be taken seriously, losing our confidence with every thought. So we don't speak up or reach out and this mindset causes us to miss out on meaningful connections, relationships and opportunities DAILY!

As entrepreneurs we need to get past these behaviors. So what if you get that big fat NO, being an entrepreneur means putting yourself out there and that will inevitably lead to some rejection. The key is not taking that rejection personally; yeah yeah easier said than done right? NO it can truly be easy with a simple mindset change.

Focus on the why and how, think about your long term goals the reasons why you're doing this. Then think about how you'll achieve them; this should clarify that you can't achieve your goal without putting yourself and your work out there in one way or another. So embrace the vulnerability and move forward showing the world your work, or step aside and let the rest of us eat up your missed opportunities.

Remembering that rejection is inevitable means thinking in terms of a sales ratio. A seasoned sales person knows that a percentage of the leads they follow will end in a rejection. They don't stop selling when someone says no, they move on to the next lead because they understand each no is bringing them closer to the next yes. You can't hide in a corner and hope success will find you there.

Embracing the no-- rejection isn't always a bad thing; rejection can be a positive if it means that you didn't connect with someone or something that wasn't a good fit for your business. So that blogger rejected your guest post idea, GOOD! Because it was probably bad fit that wouldn't have helped either of you.

Or, that article or product is still falling into the not yet category. Rejection can be the best feedback you will ever receive. If you can throw the initial sting aside you can let it empower you. Use it to reconsider your approach let it push you to work harder. Most importantly you need to stay confident in your own potential.

Even after using all of these tips the rejection fear can still linger in the back of your mind. This is because rejection magnifies our self-doubt to the point of embarrassment, and uneasiness and that can hurt. Getting past this point means doing some serious self evaluation to find the cause; are you rejecting yourself. Maybe you're self sabotaging because you fear the uncertainty that success can bring. Whatever the outcome, you will end up feeling worse if you do nothing.

It's essential to have a venting outlet. Find some peers who GET IT and are dealing with the same things and vent away. Rejection is easier to face when you know you're not alone, a community will help you see this and often by the time you're done venting you will see the situation in a whole new light.

Lastly watch out for these other sneaky ways our minds hold us back from being our best selves and putting it all out there;
  • Changing to match others
  • Being afraid to speak up
  • White lies
  • Perfectionism
  • Apologizing for the things you like
We started this entrepreneurial journey to be our own boss, so start being the boss and the boss takes chances to get to the top. Let's all work on breaking though that glass ceiling we've created because I believe that putting yourself
is the best way to get


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