The Gloating Hour: We Win at Life! And Trivia

If you haven't been privy to our insufferable Facebook status updates recently, it will come as (unsurprising) news that we won the Geeks Who DrinkMusic Knowcase.
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If you haven't been privy to our insufferable Facebook status updates recently, it will come as (unsurprising) news that we won the Geeks Who Drink Westword Music Knowcase at the Irish Snug yesterday. What all those words mean, in a nutshell, is we know more about music than everyone in Denver, and nanny-nanny, boo-boo. Ahem.

We faced some tough challenges. The Denver Post team "I Banged Pat Calhoun" was every ounce as brilliant as their name, and was in the #1 spot right until the end. In fact, Donnybrook's team was down to fourth place when we began the last round and weren't even expected to win, only to slide in one point ahead of "I Banged...". One point!! Between winning $300 and not. That has *got* to be rough for the Denver Post. We will buy them a conciliatory shot at the UMS.

We also competed against members of Twist & Shout Records, who spent some decent time in the top three as was expected of them. Representatives of the Gothic Theater were also in attendance (a little bird told me they missed the Gothic-related question. FOR SHAME! It's of no consequence we missed it too) as well as Westword's team, who were competing under the moniker "Backstreet Zombie Fornicators" or something to that nature. Such a name has our old friend Cory Casciato written all over it.

When they were announcing the winners, a slew of the Donnybrook trivia team's gorgeous brunette girlfriends gathered round the table. We really didn't plan for that to happen, but it just did, and it had an arm candy vibe and certainly reeked of class. Then when John Dicker + Co. announced the winners, it became a full-blown donnybrook: Geysers erupted. Glittery-dressed go-go dancers hosed the crowd with imported champagne, taking careful measure to aim for the tender bits. Burly Irishmen smashed chairs over carny little peoples' heads, just to feel alive. John Dicker presented Donnybrook with a bronze bust of himself winking, complete with his signature devil-may-care sideswoop of bangs. An impromptu massage circle broke out along the perimeter, as the two-for-one brews had been mysteriously spiked with ecstasy in order to sabotage the tournament's outcome. Gypsies ran through the crowd, taking an opportune moment to pick-pocket the members of the melee, and it was reported that half of Donnybrook's fortune was stolen in a ring Sid Pink* wore on his left pinky.** But it was alright. No worry. The Donnybrook Quiz Fleet had won a whopping $300 and much more in respect--specifically, enough bragging rights to translate into roughly $50,000 American or one year's time-- till the next Geeks Who Drink Music Knowcase.

You can read all about it on Westword and Geeks Who Drink too. And since we're being self-indulgent, let's meet the Donnybrook Quiz Fleet below!

* Sid Pink was not present, nor were gypsies, go-go dancers, carny little people, geysers, or ecstasy. We think.

** We've been reading Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day lately. Can you tell?

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