The Global Extremes of Population Density

Only 5 percent of the world's population lives in the entire blue region. For comparison, the same number of people live in the small red region.


Believe it or not, it's true. There are just as many people living in the small red area as there are living in all the blue areas combined.

This is a modified version of a map from reddit user Ibisdigitalmedia. When I first came across the map, via the Twitter feed of @NinjaEconomics, I was skeptical, so I went through and checked the numbers.

The original map turned out not to be entirely correct (the red region covered only about 3 percent of the world population), so I made this one based on the same concept.

Notice that the blue region covers more than just uninhabited deserts and tundras. It encompasses several prominent, powerful countries, including Australia, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Saudi Arabia.

Can you identify the two countries within the red region?

Below is the full list of territories covered by each region, along with their 2014 populations.

Territories in the blue region

Country Region Population
Russia Northwestern Federal District 13,583,800
Russia Far Eastern Federal District 6,291,900
Russia Siberian Federal District 19,254,300
Russia Ural Federal District 12,082,700
Canada All 35,010,000
Saudi Arabia All 28,123,000
Brazil Roraima 496,936
Brazil Amazonas 3,873,743
Brazil Mato Grosso 3,224,357
Brazil Acre 790,101
Brazil Amapá 750,912
Brazil Tocantins 1,496,880
Brazil Pará 8,073,924
Brazil Rondônia 1,748,531
Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul 2,619,657
Australia All 22,280,000
Niger All 18,124,000
Kazakhstan All 16,137,000
Mali All 14,478,000
Zambia All 14,440,000
United States Alaska 736,732
United States Wyoming 584,153
United States Montana 1,023,579
United States North Dakota 739,482
United States South Dakota 853,175
United States Idaho 1,634,464
United States Nebraska 1,881,503
United States Utah 2,942,902
United States Kansas 2,904,021
Chad All 12,620,000
Argentina Catamarca 367,820
Argentina Chaco 1,053,466
Argentina Chubut 506,668
Argentina Corrientes 993,338
Argentina Formosa 527,895
Argentina Jujuy 672,260
Argentina La Pampa 316,940
Argentina La Rioja 331,847
Argentina Mendoza 1,741,610
Argentina Neuquén 550,334
Argentina Río Negro 633,374
Argentina Salta 1,215,207
Argentina San Juan 680,427
Argentina San Luis 431,588
Argentina Santa Cruz 272,524
Argentina Santiago del Estero 896,461
Argentina Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur 126,190
Bolivia All 10,610,000
Somalia All 10,295,000
Sweden All 9,437,000
China Qinghai 5,626,722
China Tibet 3,002,166
Sudan Western Equatoria 740,000
Sudan Western Bahar el Ghazal 220,000
Sudan Northern Darfur 1,600,000
Sudan Western Darfur 1,660,000
Sudan Southern Darfur 2,960,000
Sudan Northern State 610,000
Papua New Guinea All 7,440,000
Paraguay All 6,844,000
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya All 5,918,217
Turkmenistan All 5,411,000
Finland All 5,408,000
Norway All 4,985,000
Ireland All 4,804,000
New Zealand All 4,436,000
Central African Republic All 4,191,429
Mauritania All 3,623,000
Republic of the Congo All 3,609,851
Uruguay All 3,412,000
Lithuania All 3,173,000
Oman All 3,110,000
Mongolia All 2,809,000
Namibia All 2,352,000
Latvia All 2,210,000
Botswana All 2,068,000
Gabon All 1,597,000
Estonia All 1,338,000
Chile Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena 159,152
Chile Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 98,413
Chile Los Lagos 785,169
Cyprus All 911,000
Fiji All 828,046
Guyana All 757,000
Crete All 620,000
Suriname All 540,000
Western Sahara All 507,160
Solomon Islands All 472,419
Bahamas All 360,000
Iceland All 347,000
Belize All 335,000
Corsica All 322,000
Vanuatu All 267,000
New Caledonia All 266,000
French Guiana All 250,377
Egypt New Valley 219,615
Guam All 165,124
Micronesia All 103,549
Kiribati All 102,351
Greenland All 57,475
Northern Mariana Islands All 53,855
Galapagos All 25,000
Palau All 20,918
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) All 3,000
Svalbard All 2,642
Norfolk Island All 2,169
French Southern and Antarctic Lands All 0
South Georgia South Sandwich Islands All 0

Territories in the red region

Country Region Population
Bangladesh All 172,019,000
India Bihar 99,000,000
India Jharkhand 32,000,000
India West Bengal 90,320,000

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