The youthful energy that spread from Tunisia into and across Egypt should inspire us all to reign in corporatocracy.
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Now that we've witnessed the historic overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, and seen how the people of Egypt have spoken loud and clear in favor of democracy, let us stand together in support of Egypt, ensuring that this ancient land will not fall to the corporatocracy. And, let as also be inspired to end the terrible reign of the corporatocracy around the world, including in the United States. Yes, Mubarak has been forced out and replaced by Omar Suleiman, but there was tremendous jockeying behind the scenes by EHMs, the CIA, Israel's Mossad, and the US State Department - to guarantee that the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-corporatocracy groups would not win the day. Omar Suleiman was former head of Egyptian intelligence, with tight connections to the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Israeli right wing. What the people really want is a true democracy. Even though their most immediate demand has been met - Mubarak out - it appears that their greater goal will be realized only if we in the U.S. insist that our government stop supporting the anti-democratic forces that represent the status quo. As I write these words, all indications are that the dictator who has gone down will be replaced by someone with a similar philosophy who is part of the same system - one that imprisoned the Egyptian people in a police state for more than three decades. Members of the corporatocracy are obsessed with winning. They will invest vast amounts of money to get their way. They also share a common goal: to maximize profits, regardless of the environmental and social costs. In seeking that goal, they continue to perpetuate an extremely unstable, unsustainable, unjust, and dangerous world. While listening to NPR this morning I heard a reporter say of the thousands marching in Egypt, "They are voting with their feet." This is a beautiful statement of how democracy can be achieved through sheer force of will (and feet, and Facebook and Twitter)! It is imperative now that those incredible Egyptians who started this march to democracy be supported in their goal of realizing a government that is truly "of, for, and by the people.". Freedom from the heavy hand of the corporatocracy is key for having a just and sustainable nation - and world. The youthful energy that spread from Tunisia into and across Egypt should inspire us all to reign in the corporatocracy. The Middle East has taught us that social networking is an effective weapon - a much gentler and kinder one than those used in past revolutions. Let us all commit to employing it to support those brave Egyptians and also ourselves and our children. We have seen that brutal dictators are vulnerable to the computer's keyboard. This lesson should give each and every one of us cause to rejoice. And to demand an end to the predatory capitalism that has brought our species to the brink of disaster.

Effective revolutionaries must adjust to changing conditions, seeking the greatest leverage points of their time. This is the first moment in human history when we are able to communicate with people on every corner of our planet - instantaneously. That, and the dependency of the corporatocray on we the people to buy their goods and services and support their corrupt politicians are our strongest leverage points. In understanding this we walk in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and the people who lost their lives in Egypt. We can stand together in a global circle just as the Muslims and Christians did in Tahrir Square. The real revolution has only just begun...

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