The Glory

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Glorious is this night

And the moon that burns through me

A reflection of love

You see, there's still light in darkness

Darkness which beholds me

And holds my heart to show me

That there is no black without white

There is no day without night

As the ocean cannot move

without the moons light

And the sun cannot move

Without the strength of His arms

An army of one, which fights any harm, that dares enter this world

Or threatens His cause

For the only battle worth fighting

Is the battle against darkness

I stay up late and anticipate,

where do I draw the line between a lesson and fate?

Philosophers say that the night isn't only for sleep

It’s when the moon whispers answers

Fearing her words filled with wisdom,

will be forgotten when the night kisses dawn

But to awaken in darkness to love

Let's the sun breath beauty into life

The spirit of the moon and the spice of the sun

united as one, the perfect recipe

For to taste harmony amongst ourselves

Is to rest peacefully at night

And awake with gratitude to the moon and sun,

The dark and light

The day and night

For the clarity that

It takes two for love to have won