The Godzilla Remix Project: Joe McAdam, Chicago Comedian, Marries Monster, Song (VIDEOS)

Sure, the 1998 "Godzilla remix" of Green Day's "Brain Stew" -- created specifically for a certain multi-million dollar-grossing 1998 summer blockbuster film -- was a monstrosity on at least one level.

But for one Chicago comedian, the movie soundtrack's strange standout track served as the impetus for a stranger-yet Tumblr blog: The Godzilla Remix Project.

To date, Joe McAdam, one of the talented folks behind "The Late Live Show," has remixed some dozen Godzilla-ized remixes of songs ranging from the earnest Aimee Mann gem "Save Me" to the B-52s' karaoke-favorite "Love Shack."

The Huffington Post spoke with McAdam about his remix blog, a recent HuffPost Comedy pick for "7 sites you should be wasting time on right now."

HuffPost: What inspired this Godzilla remix project?
Joe McAdam: Inspiration is hard to pinpoint. Some artists say they're just a conduit to the brilliance of the universe. But not me. I got a Godzilla-themed inspirational day calendar, and the other day it just said, "start a project."

HP: Why do you think the Godzilla remix has been so under-appreciated and hasn't seemed to take wind since Green Day first brought it to the masses?
JM: Do you know how long it took from the time Pythagoras suggested a spherical earth until it was widely accepted? Two billion years, or something like that. So on that level, the 14 years we've waited for Godzilla remixes isn't so bad. This is important and it might not be loved at first, but this is our generation's Dylan goes electric. This is Dylan goes Godzilla. It's the next logical step.

HP: Anything in particular you're looking for in the songs you choose to remix?
JM: The subtleties are hard to express to a layman, but mostly, the song needs a nice gap where a Godzilla roar would fit.

HP: Do you have a favorite mix so far?
JM: My favorite is "The Star-Spangled Banner," because it makes it sounds like Godzilla is fighting for America. I think we can all get behind that.

HP: Anything else you think is important for people to know about your endeavor?
JM: I encourage any young DJs to start their own projects, and don't feel like they have to limit it to Godzilla, they could Mothra remix or Rodan remix. It actually doesn't even have to be limited to monsters, they can just remix things. Also, I really just want Green Day to see this and admit that my remix is better than theirs.

Check out some of our favorite of McAdam's Godzilla remixes below:

The Godzilla Remix Project

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