'The Goldbergs' Meets 'Goonies'

"The Goldbergs" is a treasure trove of 1980s nostalgia every week, so it's exciting -- and somehow completely appropriate -- to hear that they're taking on one of the most beloved films from that decade. Series creator Adam Goldberg spoke with about bringing "Goonies" to "The Goldbergs." It's his favorite film.

The set-up sees Adam's older brother and sister create a fake map and set him up to find it in the attic. Then, Adam goes off on a quest to find the lost treasure of William Penn. "There a bunch of [overt] nods to the movie, but I tried not to go overboard with it," Goldberg said. "I wanted to make it a love letter to the movie for everyone who grew up with it and love it like I do and also introduce it to kids who haven't seen or heard of it."

And while he wasn't able to work in some of the film's bigger moments, like a huge cavern or a plank, he hopes the spirit of the movie shines through. Oh, and the Truffle Shuffle, of course. "I couldn't not include the Truffle Shuffle," Goldberg said.

"The Goldbergs" tackles "Goonies" with tonight's episode. New episodes air every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.



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