'The Golden Girls' And Marriage Equality: Sophia Supports Gay Marriage

When President Obama revealed in May 2012 that he supported marriage equality, we featured the above clip from the hit '80s sitcom "The Golden Girls."

Last year, we made the point that the groundbreaking show, which tackled many controversial issues like HIV/AIDS, female sexuality and substance abuse, had come out in support of marriage equality over 20 years before Obama had.

Considering what a monumental week this is, with two historic marriage equality cases being heard by the Supreme Court, we thought it wasn't a bad time to showcase this beautiful clip again. (Let's face it, folks -- there's never a bad time to watch a "Golden Girls" clip.)

Have a look, share with your friends and let Sophia's wisdom carry you through the next three months as we wait to hear what the Supreme Court thinks about Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.



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