'The Good Wife': Christine Baranski Previews Season 4's Crisis

When "The Good Wife" returns this fall, it won't be the jolly-go-lucky Lockhart/Gardner we've seen in the past -- it'll be far from it.

"[Season 4] picks up at a very dramatic moment for all the characters," series star Christine Baranski, who plays Diane Lockhart, says in the Entertainment Tonight video below. "The firm is definitely in crisis." Enter Nathan Lane.

Lane will play a trustee for the creditors who comes in and makes cuts to Lockhart/Gardner. Lane's character will be incredibly powerful -- nobody is safe from his axe. Baranski said Lane's character fires an entire department early in Season 4 of "The Good Wife." Goodbye, mergers and acquisitions.

"There's a big, big seismic shift at the beginning of this season," Baranski says. Season 4 opens with Diane in bankruptcy court, something Baranski said is "devastating" for her character to deal with.

In addition to Lane, "The Good Wife" will welcome new faces in Season 4 played by Kristin Chenoweth, Maura Tierney, Marc Webb and Amanda Peet.

Viewers can expect at least one "wonderful" scene between Tierney and Baranski early in the season. But what about the various lovers of Diane Lockhart played by Gary Cole and Bryan Brown? Baranski hopes they return.

"I will insist that they come back just to make my life interesting," she said.

Baranski's co-star, Josh Charles, will have a hand in amping up the drama in "The Good Wife" Season 4. Charles, who plays Will Gardner, Diane's partner at the law firm, will direct an episode this season. According to TVLine, Charles will direct the sixth episode of the new season. Look for Amanda Peet's character to debut during that episode as well.

"The Good Wife" returns to CBS on Sun., Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

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