'The Good Wife' Recap: Can We Get Some Action? In 'Dark Money'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 6, Episode 13 of CBS's The Good Wife, titled "Dark Money."

I thought we'd never get back together, Good Wife. And you show up pretending like you weren't gone for all of awards' season. Welcome. But you've changed. You're a little yawn-worthy out of the gate.

The case this week at least had Colin Sweeney back in the hot seat, because some Law and Order type show had portrayed him to closely. And he's always good for some weird humor. But the most uncomfortable moments came from Alicia's campaign fundraising.

She and Prady are continuing their "back channel" meetings to get each others' PACs stop releasing homophobic and sexist ads and robo-calls. Through a little sleuthing, Alicia meets with a very, very rich old man. He's gross and hates Prady because he's supposedly gay. Alicia plays along and gets his money. When Prady meets with him, the old man makes gross comments about Alicia. (We play that kind of language on broadcast TV? I never noticed.) It was a little heavy handed in its messaging.

Then, we are supposed to believe that Bishop is just a big softie. Kalinda is tasked with picking his kid up from school, the kid's getting bullied, and Bishop resorts to...calling the bully's mom, just like any suburban parent would do. He calls Kalinda in to commiserate with him, but that's not how it works, Lemond.

Boring, boring, boring. I want something big to happen. The one-liners were good, and I'm a sucker for real-world tie-ins like the pandering that goes on during elections and the "ripped form the headlines" type references.

But can we get some action? I hate to admit this, but do you think it's possible that, despite the good writing and everything else, that this show's real purpose was in watching Will and Alicia maneuver around each other? I hate to be so shallow. But the woman needs a love interest. Or a dangerous political scandal.

Have I just been watching too much House of Cards? Let me know @karenfratti.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.