In 1980 Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter by asking America "are you better off than you were 4 years ago?" Can't Obama just ask the same thing?
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next week i'm going to colorado to dj at a fundraiser and hang out in denver and do one of two things, either:
a-lament the fact that obama is losing his lead in the polls by not standing up to the gop
slander machine.
b-enjoy the fact that obama is finally standing up to the gop slander machine.
we(as in 'we non-republicans')need to go after the republicans.
they're sitting ducks.
they've had 8 years, and in 8 years they've managed to fuck up just about everything they've
even now john mccain talks about how we're 'winning' in iraq.
we're 'winning'?
his definition of 'winning' is a strange one, i guess he means 'winning' in that fewer
u.s soldiers are being killed.
it's great that fewer u.s troops are dying, but that's not 'winning'.
'winning' would be american troops coming home because the iraqi government and military
are capable of looking after their own country, and there's no sign that either of those
institutions are even close to being able to run things on their own.
as i've said before, i hope the democrats don't lose this one they way they lost 2000 and 2004.
the economy blows, and john mccain doesn't have a decent plan to fix it (in fact he and his
party have had 8 years in which to decimate the economy, and now he wants to fix it? it's like
asking a wife-beater to give counseling to his spouse).
all john mccain does is stand on hotel ballroom stages and complain about obama. mccain doesn't
really offer any solutions to the problems that his party has created over the last 8 years, he just
stands around sounding like grampa simpson complaining about young people and their
denim jeans and their pizza pies and electric guitars.
and could john mccain please shut up about 'pursuing bin laden to the gates of hell'?
he and his party had 8 years to pursue bin laden, and bin laden is still at large.
the u.s troops were closing in on bin laden when mccain and bush pulled them out
of afghanistan and pakistan and sent them to iraq.
do we really need more tough-talk from ineffectual gop leaders? the gop are famous
for idiotic tough talk, like gw bush saying 'bring it on' to the terrorists. well, the terrorists
did what bush asked and they 'brought it on', killing tens of thousands of u.s troops
and iraqi and afghani civilians in the process.
tough talk from republican leaders is equal parts dangerous and idiotic.
if mccain is so serious about pursuing bin laden to the 'gates of hell' why doesn't he borrow his second
wife's private plane, fly to afghanistan, and start looking for bin laden?
and can't someone in the media ask mccain if he's referring to the literal or figurative gates of hell
when he talks about his pursuit of bin laden?
or maybe obama could bring this up?
the gop have had 8 years to run the country and they blew it. and if we democrats can't work up the nerve to remind
the country that the gop are ideologically bankrupt and utterly inept, then we don't deserve to win.
it should be an interesting convention.
i really hope someone in the democrat party has the balls to actually ridicule mccain and his republican cohorts.
i just want someone at the convention, ideally obama, to say, 'john mccain and the republicans talk tough, but they've
had 8 years to find bin laden and they blew it. john mccain and the republicans have made america
weak and vulnerable. they've made america weak economically, and they've squandered our great military
on a war that never should have started. they've had 8 years and they've done a terrible job running the country.
it's time for change.'
here's hoping, although based on past performances i imagine democratic speeches will be more like, 'the middle
class in america deserve a pro-rated tax credit that will offset some of the burdens imposed by the inequities
of the marketplace. as democrats we promise to keep the middle class in america average and in the middle.'
come on democrats, stand up and take on mccain and his inept and corrupt party.
it's so simple, they had their 8 years and they blew it.
in 1980 ronald reagan defeated jimmy carter by asking america 'are you better off than you were 4 years ago?'
can't obama just ask the same thing, but maybe phrase it, 'we've had 8 years of john mccain and republican rule, and are we as a country better off than we were 8 years ago?'

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