The Governor's Wife Is a Hoot!

A&E thinks viewers don't have enough "reality TV" in their lives so they are offering them yet another show that features real life people in strange circumstances. The Governor's Wife tells the story of Edwin Edwards, the former Governor of Louisiana and an ex-con, and his wife Trina. This is a real May December romance as he is 85 and she is 34. The love match began when he was in prison and she was his pen pal.

This show is a real hoot since Edwin is the father of two daughters, Anna and Victoria, who are in their 60s, while Trina is the mother of two sons, Logan and Trevor, who are in their teens. Trina has been able to carve out a fairly workable relationship with Anna, but Victoria is another matter altogether. These two women are presented as caricatures along the lines of Cinderella's stepsisters. They both have dry wits and sharp tongues.

Trina is just this side of being a blonde bimbo; not totally dumb but not the sharpest person in the room. Still she does appear to love Edwin, and he in turn appears to love her. Since the federal government got most of his money when he was convicted of bribery and extortion, perhaps she isn't the gold digger everyone seems to think she is.

The two sisters are the reason to watch the show. They have the best one-liners and the best matter of fact statements. They speak of their father's impending death with clarity and gusto and they do it to his face. They also let their greed shine through from time to time.

Having had major success with Duck Dynasty, A&E is looking for another winner. They have kept their focus on the South and have come up with a new family Americas might embrace. This mismatched in age love story might have been repulsive in an Anna Nicole Smith way but somehow comes across as actually warm and loving. Whether it will continue to be that way will probably keep viewers watching week after week.

The 60-something sisters seem to be an untapped reservoir of sarcasm and hilarity. Trina is trying to escape the dumb blonde image, and Edwin, well he is just trying to stay alive to enjoy the fun.

The Governor's Wife airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.