The Grammys - Are You In?

As I prepare for my interpretation of the Grammys, Oscars, the Golden Globes or Fashion Week, I can't help but quickly recap my wonderful experiences with these star-studded events.

There is much to be said about award ceremonies. I don't know if many people are aware of the quiet and not-so-quiet whisper of the politics involved in this arena. Maybe I'm finding myself more aware of said politics because I've gone further into the chaos due to my role in the beauty industry. For me, it's no longer as simple as just performing manicures on some of the artists involved in the music industry.

In the past, the shear excitement of servicing stars such as Beyoncé, Ciara and Kelly Roland were highlights in my career path. It was like a badge of honor to meet each and every one of them.

But now the Grammys have become a weekend of events that lead up to the big day.

This season I had the honor of working with fellow artist, celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur and socialite AJ Crimson. Founder and creator of The Crimson Academy, his clients have included Christina Milian, Latoya Luckett, Brandy, Keisha Whitaker, Adrienne Bailon, etc.

He took it upon himself to gather together a pretty cool experience behind the scenes, where the stars that are attending events around town would stop in to get their beauty services and sip on some cocktails, mingle a little and hit their respected events.

AJ is a master at putting together not only the celebs to pop in but executives, producers and industry decision-makers. At none other then the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood! Talk about rockstar treatment!

The experience was personally pretty fab. One of my favorite actresses and stunt women, Rochelle Aytes and Zee James, shot the breeze with me. Talk about laughing until you double over in pain, I loved my girl time with her! Christina Milian charmed the crowed as she swayed across the room while getting her services and gift bags (these were to die for... hair extensions, products from Kim Kimble, lashes, eye brows and nails by yours truly with my fabulous LA team led by Francesca Beniquez).

When that was over, I put on my good face and went straight to the theater, where Abraham McDonald made me fall in love with Luther Vandross all over again.

This splendid night was a tearjerker for me. The producers arranged to scroll a list of names of greats we lost including Michael Jackson. You don't realize the power of music or the the influence it has on you until you lose one... or so many.

As I conversed with budding new artist Russell Taylor, this amazingly brilliant new star to look out for, I knew that music is not just something we listen to passively. It is the thing that consistently motivates and inspires the soul. We had caught up with Russell this summer in Brooklyn and met him at BAM Cafe where he is preparing to perform this Saturday, February 8. To see him in LA preparing to attend the Grammys, it is like witnessing the life of a rising star.

So, I'm involved with the Grammys now. I'm no longer a bystander. But I feel a commitment to the ceremony, like I do to Fashion Week and other events. Once you get to know the politics and the players, you're in.