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The Grand Tour: Iceland II

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The Grand Tour continues with more photos from our adventures in Iceland...

Waterfalls are everywhere...

This one has a treasure buried behind it.

You can even go under a few.

Traveling with kids is fun!

Make sure to save time to stop and take some picture of sheep...

...And rainbows!

It's always rainy in Vik.

For scale...

There are a crazy amount of Lupines!

On the road.

First view of icebergs.

Icebergs up close.

So blue!

Last view of Vik.

Stuck for two and half hours due to a windstorm.

We had fun anyway!

Ice on the beach.

Thousand-year-old ice! We ate some!

A glacial river.

Great quote.

Lunch at Hali.

Later we had to return to Hali for Leif.

So long, Iceland!

Next stop: London!

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