The 'Gravest' Detail You Totally Missed On 'Westworld'

Things are about to get real for Dolores.

Good luck ever having a deep and dreamless slumber after this.

A lot of messed up things happen on “Westworld.” On Sunday’s episode, “Dissonance Theory,” you saw, as always, a ton of robots get shot and killed, one guy get his face blown off with a cigar and Maeve (Thandie Newton) get shot while getting her romance on.

Yup. It’s messed up. But through all of that, it’s easy to miss one of the most disturbing details.

On the show, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is on a bounty hunt with William (Jimmi Simpson), and they make it to a small town. It’s the same town that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) visited in a previous episode. In the town, Dolores appears to run into the little girl that previously gave the Man in Black a clue about the park’s maze. The little girl then causes Dolores to remember things in quick flashbacks.

Dolores remembers a past time when she saw the little girl and recalls being at a church. There’s one other notable thing, though: It goes by quickly, but Dolores apparently remembers digging up her own grave.

It’s a little difficult to read, but that cross seems to say, “Dolores Abernathy.”

Damn. But what does it mean? Is Dolores going to dig up her own body? And if so, does the park have a good psychiatrist available?

Redditor Sephret actually speculates that the grave is for another Dolores. According to the Redditor, Arnold may have had a daughter named Dolores, and this grave belongs to her. 

The show has taught us that a mysterious character named Arnold was Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) partner when the park was originally created. We’re told Arnold went mad during his attempts to create consciousness and died in the park. The Redditor speculates that Dolores could be at the center of this story:

Dolores is a recreation of the daughter Arnold lost, and the motivation behind the creation of the hosts - hence why she is the original.

Dolores was Arnold’s attempt to bring back his daughter.

The whole theory about Dolores being a recreation of a lost daughter that Arnold had is a big leap at this point. We haven’t heard anything about that. Still, it does make sense. Or at least it answers some of our questions.

After all, there has to be some reason Arnold was so obsessed with consciousness, and it’s been said that Dolores is the oldest robot in the park, something Wood noted again on “The Tonight Show” on Monday, saying there are lots of “twists and turns” there.

We may learn more this Sunday. Wood said the upcoming episode is when “we take it to 11,” and a new clip featured on “The Tonight Show” has Dolores starting to question her reality even more:

Westworld” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.



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