Here's An NSFW Peek At 'The Greasy Strangler,' The Year's Nuttiest Movie

We have a clip from the bizarre dark comedy.

You know how some movies think they’re so weird and quirky? They’re not. “The Greasy Strangler” is weird and quirky. 

Here’s the plot in a nutshell: An emotionally stunted father and son live together, giving “disco tours” during which they inform customers (probably erroneously) that they are standing at the site where the Bee Gees wrote their hits or where Earth, Wind & Fire once lived. Unbeknownst to his son (Sky Elobar), the elder of the two (Michael St. Michaels) also happens to be the Greasy Strangler, a local serial killer who slathers himself in grease and murders people for no apparent reason.

Yep, that’s pretty much it. “The Greasy Strangler” premiered at Sundance in January, quickly gaining cult status as an exploitation comedy with a bonkers gross-out factor. The Huffington Post is premiering an exclusive clip that shows an average day in the life of these pink-clad weirdos, with one anomaly: A woman ― nay, a hootie tootie disco cutie (don’t ask) ― arrives on the scene. 

“The Greasy Strangler” opens in theaters and premieres on VOD platforms Friday. Beware, the clip below is slightly NSFW.



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