ABC Is Considering Bringing The World's Best Reality Show To The U.S.

Two words: Bake. Off.

ABC is reportedly in talks to develop its own version of "The Great British Bake Off," a huge reality TV hit in the U.K. The network would fly American contestants overseas so "Bake Off" judge Mary Berry can grade their baked goodies. For the uninitiated ...

Yes, that is her real name.

Yes, this is the most adorable reality show to exist in the history of television.

Yes, we're super excited, and nervous, but mostly excited. You should be, too.

This isn't the first time an American studio has attempted to adapt the show -- CBS's "The American Baking Competition" lasted for one season in 2013. But, if ABC doesn't try to mess with the recipe, it could be another British-American adaption we didn't know we needed stateside.

The U.K. series, of course, is the golden standard. Original episodes of the amateur baking competition have been available on PBS (bless you, PBS) since December 2014. Go watch them. Watch them all.

On "Bake Off," everyone is charmingly polite.

Mary Berry talks shortcrust pastries.

Between history lessons schooling us in pastry lore (!!!), everyone bakes things that make you believe in your own woeful culinary skills and consider, for a few innocent moments, purchasing a springform pan. Or moving to the English countryside, where the contestants square off in a massive white tent, which is for some reason planted on a lush expanse of grass that defies gloomy British weather.

Everyone takes the "Bake Off" challenges seriously. When Howard Middleton fell victim to custard theft in Season 4, The Telegraph interviewed him about the traumatizing scandal. When Dorett's mousse cake didn't set in time, resulting in a goopy, chocolaty mess at the start of Season 6, viewers felt for her.

And yet, while courtesy and determination reign, everyone on "Bake Off" always seems to be making some kind of innuendo -- especially when hosts Mel and Sue are around. A good baker, we've learned, knows how to ganache her buns and whip up a biscuit that's rigid but still tastes good. Mel and Sue, actually, may be the best part of the whole thing.

In short, "The Great British Bake Off" is probably the best reality series television has to offer, and whatever adaption ABC has up its sleeve has a lot to live up to.

Until then, you'll find us watching contestants grease up their muffin tins for another rousing bout of baking.

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