'The Great Fratsby' Is The 'Gatsby' Spoof That's Perfect For College (VIDEO)

"The houses were chiller, the parties were bigger, the nights were longer and the Thursdays were thirstier."

It's not exactly Fitzgerald, but it works for "The Great Fratsby," a spoof of "The Great Gatsby" put together by a group of University of California-Los Angeles students.

The video borrows its soundtrack from the Baz Luhrmann film. Not to mention a scene in which "Fratsby" offers to tell an impressionable wing man the "God's truth" about himself. Later in the video, a young woman tells "Fratsby" he always looks so cool as the "man in the bright short-shorts," as he tosses what looks like Brooks Brothers gear in the air, similar to a scene in the recent film version. (Brooks Brothers has a strong connection to both frats and the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald.)

The video was created by the Spring Sing Company 2013 and published on May 18. The Spring Sing is an annual music competition at UCLA that often features celebrity judges, emcees and performers. And Company, a comedy troupe, has performed skits in the past at Spring Sing and has created other parodies, including ones for "Twilight" and MTV's "Cribs" and a fake commercial for "Now 1919."

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