The Great Hip-Hop Debate: 10 Policy Tackling Rap Videos

Whatever happened to "real" debates? Back then, raw vernacular delivered rugged discourse. It was a battle. Not like the stuff on TV today. Everybody sounds the same now. Where's the innovation? It's all too marketed, too many of the same damn talking points, too much business in the art of debate...

Kinda sounds like the lament for "real" hip-hop, huh? The grass is always greener on the other side of now. In celebration of the third and final Presidential Debate, put together the 10 best rap songs where candidates contained truly debate the issues. Most of these nominees just happen to rap.

Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, "Guilty Conscience"

Issue: Family Values

The "Family Values" card has less weight in 2008 than it did in the previous two elections...being that money isn't worth anything anymore. But it still resonates with those undecided voters, especially after the liberal judges in Connecticut just let the gays marry. Eminem had a few issues with the gays, too. Here, he just rips his way through the Slim Shady era platforms: poverty, statutory date rape jokes, and how Dre slapped Dee Barnes.


Jay-Z, 99 Problems

Issue: Crime

Perhaps only crime has seen a more significant drop-off in election cycle pertinence than the family values card. There just isn't a panic-inducing call for more prisons like there used to be. Aren't people still getting scared by the violent crime in the A-block of their local news? Jigga's infamous second-verse conversation with the long arm of the law isn't afraid to tackle the real problems with America's judicial system.


Positive K, "I Got a Man"

Issue: Economy

Guy: Honey, we took a hit in the stock market, so we can't take that vacation. I'm so sorry.

Girl: So what's the economy got to do with me?

Guy: Well, my assets just aren't very liquid right now, I'm what my accountant calls cash poor.

Girl: So what's the economy got to do with me?

Guy: The falling value of the American dollar makes traveling abroad even more expensive and it'd be fiscally responsible to just postpone our trip, baby.

Girl: So what's the economy got to do with me?


Check out the rest of the Top 10 here...including a video from Meatloaf!

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