The Great Marijuana Debate, Round 2: Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Use? Robert Corry, Bob Enyart Respond

Great Marijuana Debate, Round 2: Should Pot Be Fully Legalized?

On March 19, The Huffington Post hosted the Great Marijuana Debate and asked readers if marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.

On the legalization side we had Robert Corry, a Colorado-based attorney specializing in criminal defense and civil rights. He has defended more medical marijuana criminal cases than any other attorney in Colorado and is the only attorney to win multiple acquittals for defendants facing medical marijuana charges.

On the anti-legalization side we had Bob Enyart, a talk radio host on Colorado-based KGOV radio and a pastor at Denver Bible Church who is outspoken about his belief that marijuana should remain illegal with exception for prescription-based medical use.


You read their original statements and voted overwhelmingly for Corry's legalization position with 96% of readers agreeing with Corry before the debate and 97% agreeing with him after reading both statements.

So, we invited both men back to give them each a chance to respond to their original statements and try to sway your opinion on the issue one more time. Now, we present: The Great Marijuana Debate, Round Two--Corry's and Enyart's rebuttals.

Read Corry and Enyart's original statements, their new rebuttals to one another below and then vote on who makes a better argument about the topic. And as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Let round two of great debate begin!

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