Hiking Mount Washington, Northeastern America's Tallest Mountain (VIDEO)

I recently returned from an 11-hour hike up New Hampshire's Mount Washington, the tallest peak in the northeastern United States. My host was Brooklyn Outfitters, a New York-based group that leads adventures -- from hikes to ice climbs to kayaking -- around the northeast.

Our guide for the trip was Noah Kleiner, a seasoned pro who has summited Mount Washtington a number of times, most recently alone. Last year, he skied down Tuckerman's Ravine, the most dangerous section of Washington, known for its snow-buried crevices and incredibly steep slopes breaching 60 degrees.

The peak of Mount Washington, which reaches 6,289 feet, once held the record for the fastest recorded wind speed at a whopping 231 mph on April 12, 1934. Since we were hiking Lions Head, the less perilous path (though not by much), I felt somewhat safer. That is, until we reached the base of the summit where the cliffs got steeper, and the winds grew stronger to 50 mph.

Check out the video above to see an exclusive interview with Noah Kleiner and awesome sky-scraping views from the top of Mount Washington.

Video Produced By: Andrew Rothschild and Scott Duquette

Photos courtesy of Andrew Rothschild