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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

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You are on your own personal life journey, here to express and experience yourself in all of your allure and artistry. Within you is every quality, talent and strength necessary to express your authenticity -- beautifully and bountifully. However, the world will send you on endless searches looking for something outside of yourself to make you feel whole and complete. Don't buy it. Expressing your own nature gives you lasting satisfaction; never is it what the world insists you strive to make yourself.

At this very moment there are unique expressions, in the deep of you, yearning to spring forth and demonstrate in the world. And only when you're willing to transcend any beliefs that say you're here to please others, can you allow these hidden talents to blossom and flourish.

Dare to rebel when people insist that you live according to their plans for you. When it comes to important choices and decisions, trust no one's advice more than your own gut feelings and intuitive insights.

The kind of person that you want to be is the kind of person that everyone wants to be -- a person who feels good about himself. I ask you, "How can you possibly feel good about yourself if you're not being your natural self?" And, "How can you be your natural self if you're allowing others to tell who you should be?"

The way of your own self is not about being an egotist with an arrogant attitude. In fact, it's the opposite. The way of your own self is a way of expansion; it's a self-revealing; it's an experience that gives you a feeling of precious joyfulness. And that feeling can be ongoing because expansion is natural.

When you are authentically yourself, pure and unblemished, you look at your life without preconceived ideas imposed upon you by others. That unimpaired awareness opens doors to your unrealized potential and hidden talents unlike anything else.

All it takes is but one definite wish to be real, and it will feel very reasonable to abandon any role or act that you've put on to please others. In such moments, you are deeply touched with an affection and gentleness for yourself that comes from a higher state of consciousness. It's as if you found a beacon of light that you would have thought came from a lighthouse out there somewhere, but now you realize the guiding light is shining from deep within. That realization gives you earnest trust in, and deep respect for self-dependence. What a marvelous revelation.

Here are five suggestions to help you feel earnest trust in, and deep respect for self-dependence:

  1. Don't wait another second to decide learning more about yourself; it's in the act of mindfully carrying on your daily affairs that you discover who you truly are and what you are capable of achieving.

  • When the urge comes, dare to try something new even if at first it feels awkward. You may feel like you're putting on airs, but if you're true to the urge, the experience soon becomes a successful reality for you.
  • Whatever you do when trying something new, for heaven's sake don't throw any of your spontaneous expressions away -- all of it has purpose in your growth and development.
  • Consider your world to be your stage, as Shakespeare described in his play, "As You Like It." Don't express yourself carelessly; mean it when you have something to say or action to take.
  • Respond to everything in your life with the intention of learning -- respond and learn, respond and learn, respond and learn -- right there you cannot help but reveal wonderful things, not only about yourself, but also about your life.
  • A life lived authentically is an ongoing journey of discovery. You reveal the uniqueness that you can add to the world that no one else can contribute.

    There's no reason to put a grand plan together to make sense of all of this. Simply notice and act on opportunities that come your way today. Let yourself be motivated by tangible turnings of events that inspire you to realize more of your unrealized potential. Be genuine with your responses, and all of your expressions will unify and harmonize, and demonstrate exquisitely through your personality. And when you look back on your life, it will make perfect sense.

    You now know how to give yourself the greatest gift you can give yourself -- Be Yourself! Being yourself marks the beginning of creative direction and the end of aimless thrashing. Does that not deserve your honor and affection? It's obvious when you're doing that -- you experience a passing over from a state of "longing to be yourself" to a feeling of "belonging to yourself." How rewarding.

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