The Greatest Gifts Are Priceless Memories

It's easy to get caught up in consumerism every Christmas, taking one dreaded day to slog through a sea of people in the malls and dig for that discount-priced trinket that won't embarrass you too much when the person you love tears open your fairly lousy gift. Beyond all that time, money and disappointment lies the golden truthL Most of us aren't coming close to purchasing what anyone really wants. And at the same time, we are often undervaluing the best gift we can ever give anyone -- the value of our time. Adventure. Fun. Companionship. Love.

I didn't fully understand this until one Christmas when the only thing I had to offer my loved ones was my time. And it turned out to be one of the best holidays ever, and the birth of a new tradition -- one where the emphasis is placed on the experience and the person, rather than the things.

So, with that in mind, I just wanted to share some of my favorite experiences with you. They might be worth you looking into for yourself, or you might want to use them as inspiration on something you can enjoy in your own home town. Many times, you might be sooo surprised at just how affordable these experiences are.

Holiday Adventures to Have With Those You Love

The Greatest Gifts are Priceless Memories

No matter what you do or purchase this holiday season, may you be rich in all of the priceless things that money can't buy -- love, happiness, fun, adventure and health!