The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

There really is no greater love story than the Easter story.

Jesus Christ gave his life so we can live; and through his resurrection, we witness triumph over the forces of oppression, and bask in the gift of spiritual renewal or eternal life.

The promise of the resurrection is that love is real and can overcome all the hatred and indifference that threaten to corrupt and destroy. By making the ultimate sacrifice, Christ gave us the ultimate gift: love -- but not just any kind of love. It's the kind of love from which hope springs even in the darkest of days.

It's the love we see in the faces of all the underpaid workers who are taking risks and making great sacrifices to change an oppressive economic system. It's also the kind of love that holds us accountable to our values and moves us to action.

Across the nation and in other parts of the world is a growing movement to raise wages, improve working conditions and more importantly, raise consciousness about the value of all work.

With courage, love and faith workers and their community allies are moving even the most historically unyielding companies in the direction of real change. Companies like McDonald's, Walmart, Target, GAP, IKEA, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls recently announced pay raises that would impact hundreds of thousands of workers. The increases, however, do little to lift workers and their families out of poverty. The struggle continues...

Let us use the promise of Easter - the promise of hope and love - as a stimulus to increased responsibility and to support and stand alongside those who hurt in the continuing struggle for a living wage that honors their dignity as workers and as people.

Workers across low-wage industries have chosen to stand together to call for better working conditions, benefits and a living wage, the faith community is called to follow their courageous example.

On Wednesday, April 15, hundreds of thousands of underpaid workers across the country are joining together for a National Day of Action to call for a living wage, dignity and respect on the job. The challenges are huge, but by standing together we can overcome. Are you ready?

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